For Suppliers

General Services is interested in cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers of various product groups that can provide the required assortment, and whose products correspond to the required level of quality.

We are interested in suppliers and manufacturers of the following original products for laptops, smartphones and tablets of any brands:

  • Display modules for smartphones
  • Matrix displays for laptops
  • Motherboards for smartphones, tablets, laptops
  • Hard drives HDD and SSD
  • RAM modules
  • Keyboards
  • Rechargeable batteries for smartphones
  • Rechargeable batteries for laptops
  • Wired chargers for smartphones and laptops
  • Wireless chargers for smartphones
  • Body details for smartphones and laptops

If your company is a manufacturer or supplier of one of the specified product groups, fill out the application in the Supplier's Form in this page, and we shall answer in case of interest.

The size of the uploaded file should not exceed 10 mb