Services for retail chains

Optimization of expenses and compensation of cost of fixed assets for retail chains and distributors

Ремонт и технические услуги

Repair and technical services

For 12 years the engineers of General Services have been dealing with repairs of various devices both for manufacturers and for retail chains and distributors. Our services are of interest primarily to those trade organizations that are engaged in the sale of the products that are not supported by the official warranty from the manufacturer. Our quality certificate ISO:9001 confirms a stable high quality based on the well-planned and implemented processes. Three depot centers and 55 customer service centers in 7 countries allow processing up to thirteen thousand devices per month. The main technical services of General Services:

  • Testing
  • Software and hardware repair of equipment
  • Replacement of electronic components
  • Disassembly of equipment
  • Technical recovery
  • Disposal of non-repairable equipment
Утилизация оборудования

Disposal of equipment

General Services cares about the environment, preventing from release of the tons of harmful waste into the environment annually. We help the distribution companies and retailers not only to take part with us in cleaning our planet, but also to have partially refunded the cost of non-repairable or insurable equipment. Our recycling program allows processing more than 20,000 units of non-operational or outdated equipment per year, for reuse as recovered products, spare parts or recyclables. General Services offers trade organizations the competitive prices for stocks of substandard, non-repairable, obsolete equipment. The total amount of savings for our customers has already exceeded $ 1.2 million, and more than 30 tons of harmful substances have been prevented from release into the environment.



General Services is a professional logistics provider in the segment of spare parts and components for consumer electronics. We provide a full cycle of the supply chain, from the factory to the service center. In addition, we provide reverse logistics services for retail chains: collection of non-operational equipment from sales outlets and its delivery to the manufacturer’s service center. Our logistics services for retail chains include:

  • Collection of the customer equipment at the sales outlets
  • Inspection and diagnostics of equipment
  • Delivery to the manufacturer’s service centers
  • Reverse logistics of working equipment for delivery to customers

Depending on the customer’s requirements, General Services also provides repairs for non-operational equipment in 55 professional service centers in the territory of 7 CIS countries.