Комплексный послепродажный сервис

Integrated after-sales service

In modern business environment the after-sales service of electronic equipment is not only a legal obligation of the manufacturer, but also the additional value to the brand. General Services provides manufacturers with comprehensive solutions that completely solve the problem of after-sales warranty service. Synergy of logistic, technical and technological resources of General Services ensures an optimal balance between the cost of after-sales service and satisfaction of its customer’s clients. Our portfolio includes the following services:

  • Planning and process of procurement of spare parts
  • Full cycle of spare parts logistics
  • Warehousing and distribution of components
  • Repair of equipment in the warranty and post-warranty period
  • Technical and information support of clients
Ремонт и технические услуги

Repair and technical services

For 12 years our engineers have been testing and repairing various electronic components and devices of different types, from simple to complex. Our quality certificate ISO:9001 confirms a stable high quality based on the well-planned and implemented processes. To measure the quality of our services we have introduced a system of targets (KPI), the implementation of which is controlled by our IT-systems. Three depot centers and 55 customer service centers in 7 countries allow processing up to thirteen thousand devices per month. The main technical services of General Services:

  • Testing
  • Software and hardware repair of equipment
  • Replacement of electronic components
  • Disassembly of equipment
  • Technical recovery
  • Disposal of non-repairable equipment
Операции с запасными частями

Operations with spare parts

The spare parts and their logistics cover up to 80% in the structure of the after-sales service costs, which is why the overall cost-effectiveness of the after-sales service largely depends on the efficiency of building the components supply chain. Depending on the customer wishes, we apply one of two models for work with spare parts: consignment or purchase and sale. General Services ensures full coordination of the process of work with the service spare parts, from the manufacturing plant to the customer service center. We provide the following services:

  • Planning the need for spare parts based on statistical data
  • Process of purchase of components
  • Organization of international logistics and placement of the goods on a centralized hub
  • Search for alternative sources of supply, if necessary
  • Technical inspection of spare parts after use by partners
  • Export organization and return to suppliers of used spare parts
Утилизация оборудования

Disposal of equipment

General Services cares about the environment, preventing from release of the tons of harmful waste into the environment annually. Our recycling program allows processing more than 20,000 units of non-operational or outdated equipment per year, for reuse as recovered products, spare parts or recyclables. We help the manufacturing companies not only to join the cleanup of the planet, but also to refund a part of the value of tangible assets. General Services offers to manufacturers the competitive prices for stocks of substandard, non-repairable, obsolete equipment. The total amount of savings for our customers has already exceeded $ 1.2 million, and more than 30 tons of harmful substances have been prevented from release into the environment.

Логистика и дистрибуция

Logistics and distribution

General Services is a professional logistics provider in the segment of spare parts and components for consumer electronics. We provide a full cycle of supply chain for manufacturing companies, from the factory to the service center. Individual approach to each customer allows achieving an optimal balance between the cost of logistics operations and their efficiency. Our logistics services include:

  • Negotiations with suppliers of spare parts
  • Ensuring an uninterrupted procurement process
  • International logistics and placement on a centralized hub
  • Delivery to a country of destination
  • Certification and customs clearance procedure up to 1 working day
  • Professional warehousing
  • Inbound logistics to the manufacturer’s service centers
  • Reverse logistics of used spare parts from the manufacturer’s service centers
  • Visual and technical inspection of used spare parts
  • Export formalities for used spare parts

Depending on the customer’s requirements, General Services also provides distribution of the manufacturer’s goods, including finished products, components, and accessories.

Услуги контакт-центра

Contact center services

Informational support of users is one of the most important elements in the after-sales service structure, allowing not only to increase the level of customer satisfaction, but also to reduce the costs of the service budget. According to the internal statistics of General Services, at least 25% of all the customer service calls can be solved remotely, without his contacting the service centers. The customer support line in a modern business environment for manufacturing companies is the element that links the work of various components in the service infrastructure, and allows them to be as close to their customer as possible. General Services provides a full cycle of customer support services for manufacturing companies:

  • Free incoming and outgoing phone support lines
  • Customer support through social media platforms, chatrooms and e-mail
  • Remote diagnostics and technical assistance
  • Registration of a request for on-site service on the customer’s premises
  • Information support
  • Independent surveys on the level of customer satisfaction with the product and service
  • Other telephone researches upon the customer’s request