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Оригинальные комплектующие

Original components

General Services is a distributor of original spare parts and components with more than 12 years of work experience in Ukraine and in the markets of Eastern Europe. We take care of the effective work of our customers’ equipment and value our reputation; therefore we offer only the original products of world manufacturers. Availability of a wide range of spare parts for laptops, desktops, smartphones at our warehouses in different countries allows to deliver any part required as quickly as possible. General Services offers the service centers to establish mutually beneficial partnership relations, competitive prices, high quality of spare parts, professional support of Sales Department managers and a convenient online ordering system. Register in the Umbrella system on the corporate website, and get an access to viewing the availability of goods and dealer prices.

Contacts for communication with the Sales Department of components:
Phone: 0800-501-279

Покупка оверстоков

Purchase of overstocks

We offer the service centers the opportunity to sell their leftovers: spare parts and finished equipment. Any ultra-precise planning does not guarantee 100% use of the acquired components, so every service business sooner or later faces the problem of overstocks: tangible assets that eventually become liabilities. Besides, long-term storage of non-repairable equipment entails high costs for the maintenance of dormant stocks, as well as their stable gradual depreciation. A matter of writing off of commodity balances has a lot of legal and accounting nuances, so General Services not only helps to solve this problem, but also compensates for a part of the cost of dormant spare parts and equipment. Our recycling program allows processing more than 20,000 units of non-operational or outdated equipment per year, for reuse as recovered products, spare parts or recyclables. General Services offers the service centers the competitive prices for stocks of substandard, non-repairable equipment, as well as unused components. The total amount of savings for our customers has already exceeded $ 1.2 million, and more than 30 tons of harmful substances have been prevented from release into the environment.