Corporate Responsibility

Social orientation and economic success of business are the mandatory conditions for activities of General Services. Responsible and ethical behavior towards employees, customers, business partners, society and environment is an integral part of the value system of our company. Compliance with the law and legislative acts in business is our rule.

Environment protection

General Services takes care of the environment, preventing from release of tons of harmful waste into the environment annually. Our recycling program allows processing more than 20,000 units of non-operational or outdated equipment per year, for reuse as recovered products, spare parts or recyclables.

Quality requirements

Satisfying our customers is the goal and a starting point of our quality policy. The quality of each employee's work, as well as the overall quality of the services provided by us, are the main factors for the success of our customers. Our quality certificate ISO:9001 confirms a stable high quality based upon the well-planned and implemented processes. To measure the quality of our services, we have introduced a system of targets (KPI) for our projects, and we constantly analyze the results together with our customers to ensure their stable and continuous improvement.