General services europe

General Services Europe (GSE)

General Services Europe (GSE) is an international provider of after-sales services for the products of consumer electronics manufacturing companies. Founded in 2006, the company provides a full range of logistics operations with spare parts and components, repair of products of any complexity, processing and disposal of non-repaired equipment, outsourcing call center services.

The infrastructure of General Services Inc. includes 3 nationwide depot centers in Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia, 55 customer service centers in 7 countries, a full-service logistics company, and an electronic waste recycling company.

The customers of General Services Europe are the major manufacturers of computer, household and office equipment, mobile communication means, as well as a number of distributors and retail networks of national scale. We provide our customers with professional services for building an integrated after-sales service infrastructure; planning and process of procurement of spare parts, full cycle of their logistics, warehousing and distribution of components ; repair of equipment in the warranty and post-warranty period, as well as other technical services; technical and information support of clients; minimization of maintenance costs. The portfolio of our services completely solves the problem of after-sales service of our customers enabling them to concentrate on their business.

The geography of General Services covers Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, which is the widest coverage among all the service providers in Eastern Europe.

We have the most professional, ambitious and goal- oriented selection of the top management among all the service companies in the market. Along with our energetic young team and a number of IT solutions to control business processes, the integrated management is our main advantage, which makes General Services the most dynamically developing service company in the CIS region
Full cycle service
Full cycle service
General Services provides its customers with comprehensive solutions that completely solve the problem of after-sales warranty service, including complete construction of the service architecture, logistics and other operations with spare parts, repair of equipment of any complexity, call center services. Depending on the client's requirements, our exhaustive solution can be built both on the basis of the standard business process of General Services and by implementation of the current algorithm of our customer.
Being a multi-brand service provider focused on the after-sales service, we provide services to various customers from various industries and business niches. General Services Europe is a structure that is fully independent of trade organizations, and all our services and solutions are developed upon the exclusive request of our customers.
Green technologies
Green technologies
General Services cares about the environment, preventing from release of the tons of harmful waste into the environment annually. Our recycling program allows processing more than 20,000 units of non-operational or outdated equipment per year, for reuse as recovered products, spare parts or recyclables. The company offers its customers the buying out of illiquid equipment to protect the environment and partially refund the value of tangible assets.
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